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The Eugene Bowman Economic Empowerment Center is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization and was established in 2003. The Center creates programs and projects for children, their families and those who support’s them. With respect for healthy emotional, social and intellectual development is what’s important to us. We are dedicated to providing the information, support, and connections that families need to survive. Our programs also provide parents and children with strong defenses against environmental risk factors by teaching appropriate skills for personal growth, family enhancement, and interpersonal communication

Our mission is to help today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders.

We provide long term mentoring, tutoring and enrichment to poor at-risk youth, with an assured opportunity for a higher education. With a particular concern for poor at risk youth, we work to improve the conditions for all children.

Target group: Our target group is At-risk girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 17 years old.

Entrepreneurship Program: Provides training and experience to minority youth with the support and mentorship from small businesses and corporations.

Substance abuse prevention: Motivates adolescents against drug use and teaches the skills needed to resist pro-drug pressure.

Violence prevention program: Provides youth training to increase the performance in social skills, social and emotional development and conflict resolution.

After-school program: Provides tutorial and mentoring services.



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