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This program is designed to reduce impulsive, high-risk, and aggressive behaviors; and increase children's social-emotional competence and other protective factors.

Group discussion, modeling, coaching, and practice are used to increase students' social competence, risk assessment, decision-making ability, self-regulation, and positive goal setting. The program's lesson content varies by grade level and is organized into two skill-building units covering:

Empathy: teach young people to identify and understand their own emotions and those of others.

Impulse control and problem solving: helps young girls choose positive goals; reduce impulsiveness; and evaluate consequences of their behavior in terms of safety, fairness, and impact on others.


Increase in:

• Social development, self-esteem, self-discipline
• Communication skills
• Decision making skills
• Goal setting
• Effective communication

Girl Talk Program Students


This is a mentoring program for minority males between the ages of 10 and 17 years old. Young Males United works to enhance internal strengths and resilience of youth in high-risk environments, to raise their awareness, and to prevent their involvement in substance use, gangs, violence and truancy.

This program is designed to help participants become strong and healthy so they can make productive and positive contributions to society. This is a 12-month community based program. Participation consists of attendance of a 2-hour group meeting once each month, and assignment to a mentor who speaks individually with the participant once a week.


The Youth Entrepreneur Program is a standards-based business ownership and skills program. The purpose of this program is to cultivate the Entrepreneurial spirit in minority youth. It will provide at-risk, low-achieving teens training in and exposure to entrepreneurship, business ownership, and the opportunity, responsibility, and authority that goes along with these. It will give them a reason to learn, will build self-confidence and inspire ambition and achievement.

Developed in Canada in 2003 to help at-risk youth and prevent school dropout, The Youth Entrepreneur Program is designed as a 10-month after-school program. This program gives youth an opportunity to control their own destiny in a free market system through the study and experience of entrepreneurship.

The Youth Entrepreneur Program (YEP) will explore youth entrepreneurial skills, define personal and business vision and goals, and introduce them to the key components of a well-developed business plan.

During the first twelve weeks our staff will take the students through the steps needed to write a business plan, research the market place for marketing, operational, legal and financial information needed to start a business, using a start-up kit developed by the initial program.
Students will learn to create the vision and mission for their business. The program's main objectives are:

• Teach the concepts of entrepreneurship and business ownership Teach a variety of business concepts, including business ethics

• Encourage students to continue their formal education

• Inspire and motivate youth to follow a legitimate business career

• Help parents develop entrepreneurial talents in their children

• Provide youth with a practical outlet for their creative talents

Lasting Family Connections
Is a family-focused prevention program that targets youth and their parents. LFC prevents substance abuse and related problems by improving family relationships and functioning, parenting skills, and children's social skills and by reducing behavioral problems among children. The prevention intervention is based on evidence demonstrating the link between poor family functioning and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

The LFC program is presented in 14 consecutive weekly sessions, each lasting two and a half hours. The program includes three training components: a parent skills training program, a children's skills training program, and a family skills training program.

Trained facilitators from the community work with the families to cover the following topics: exploring and practicing family values, cultural and generational continuity, creating a family vision, goal setting, personal and family resilience, communication, making choices, problem-solving, limit setting, anger management, wellness including substance abuse prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.


Betts sisters photo

The entire Betts families of sisters are participants in the Youth Empowerment Centers programs and services.




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