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Foster Youth Help - California
This site from the Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman has information and resources for those in foster care that explains what rights they have and programs and services that are available. Locations around California.

Angel Society - Arizona
Provides residential services to aid children and families experiencing difficulty in their home life. Combinations of individual, group and family treatment modalities will be offered across a number of settings: shelters, group homes, and independent living homes. - Oregon
LEAD (Leadership, Education, Adventure, Direction) is a teen organization for low-income youth in Lane County, Oregon. Established in 1998 as a partnership with the City of Eugene and Housing and Community Services, LEAD has grown into a vibrant, community-supported non-profit organization.
Provides creates research based and prevention focused products for youth, educators, and others who work with youth. The products are designed by seasoned educators and field tested so that customers have a successful experience with each use. - Search Institute is the research organization that established the 40 Developmental Assets and the educational resources connected with the Asset Approach. After years of research, Search Institute discovered that the more assets that youth have the more likely they will grow up healthy, caring and resilient. - The National Peer Helpers Association provides leadership and promotes excellence in the peer resource field. Each year the organization holds a national conference for educators and others involved in the peer helping field. Their professional journal is the Peer Facilitator Quarterly. - provides educators and parents with resources and activities that help students learn, involve parents in their child's education, and support schools and families.

The Educators who Activate Life Long Learning - This site offers resources created by teachers for teachers and parents. It has great links, articles and resources. - The Wisconsin School Counselors Association is one of the most prominent school counselor organizations in the country. Its annual convention draws 1600 counselors from Wisconsin and surrounding states. The site offers counselor resources, convention information and WSCA link mail list. - The American School Counselor Association promotes excellence in professional school counseling and the development of all students. Counselors throughout the nation adopt its ethical standards and codes of conduct. Each summer, ASCA organizes an annual convention, which draws school counselors from throughout the country. - Peer Resources provides information and support for the development of peer assistance programs, including peer mentoring, peer tutoring, peer helping and peer mediation. Visitors can find links to programs around the world as well as reviews of the top training materials.

Youth Empowerment Project - Ann Arbor, MI
A nonprofit organization created to foster youth initiative and increase youth representation in the service and decision-making life of our community. Programs include - Leadership Team and Leadership Training, Youth On Board, Ann Arbor Youth Senate, SHARP Corps, TRUE, YEP/West Africa Exchange, Ann Arbor Teen Yellow Pages, and Youth-Adult Partnership Summit.

Youth Empowerment Center - Oakland, CA
Provides a place where young activists and artists come together to meet, strategize, network, learn about our common struggles, make beats, bust rhymes, break-dance and build a social justice movement for all people. YEC is a movement center devoted to lifting up the voices of young people in campaigns around juvenile justice and public education. [Not connected with this site]

The Grace Homes - Visalia, CA
A non-profit agency established in 1987 dedicated to residential care, education, and rehabilitation of troubled adolescent girls, age 12 to 18, and the care and protection of their families.

Other Youth Organizations

Eugene Bowman Economic Empowerment Center
Since May 2003, the Eugene Bowman Economic Empowerment Center has provided support, counseling, referrals and information to victims of violence. We believe it is important for survivors of all types of violence to regain control of their lives. The Center empowers them to make their own decisions through the recovery process.

This includes such decisions as reporting their victimization to the police, and seeking medical services and counseling. We are dedicated to empowering youth, adults and families. We offer counseling, prevention and intervention services in a compassionate and healing environment. We share a passion to insure that every family and child has a healthy start and future. We provide information to the community concerning violence and other related issues.

NonProfit Organization Resources - technology resource for nonprofits
Provides instructional articles and worksheets for nonprofit staff members who utilize information technologies, as well as technology planning information for executives and other decision makers.




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