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Youth Services

Mentoring and Tutoring Services
Our mentoring and tutoring program is designed for at-risk youth ages 9-17 years old. The programs boosts academic achievement through one-on-one homework help, motivation, special focus on assistance in problem areas, helps raise self-esteem, confidence and lead to a new future. We are providing meaningful and positive educational life skills development.

Additional Services


Girl Talk is a 6 month program where students meet once a month and is designed to motivate, empower, uplift, build self-esteem and teach leadership skills in minority teenage girls between the ages of 11 to 17 years old. Included in this program is one on one and group counseling and other community based activities.

The purpose of Girl Talk is to inspire, motivate and encourage young girls to be the best that they can be. Girl Talk participants develop social, emotional and intellectual tools to help them avoid negative traps like teen pregnancy, low educational achievement and violence, create a positive life vision, develop success skills, and serve as community role models

Lasting Family Connections
The purpose of Lasting Family Connections is to prevent substance abuse and related problems by improving family relationships and functioning, parenting skills, and children's social skills and by reducing behavioral problems among children. The prevention intervention is based on evidence demonstrating the link between poor family functioning and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

Project Success
Is designed for at-risk male's high ages 9 to 17 years old, Project Success works to enhance youth's internal strengths and resiliency, while preventing involvement in substance use, gangs, and violence and is designed to prevent and delay the onset of high-risk behaviors such as drug use, violence, and premature sexual activity.


A program for male high school student's ages 14 to 17 years old, Young Males United works to enhance youth's internal strengths and resiliency, while preventing involvement in substance use, gangs, and violence.

Some of the activities included are alternative adventure activities that includes camping, hiking trips, and ropes courses. Also community service, in which participants are active in a number of community and school focused projects.







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